Bisacodyl Manufacturers- Product Description

Kreative Organics is a prominent Biscodyl Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh. We are a govt. registered drug manufacturing company engaged in providing best quality Bisacodyl EP/BP/IP/USP to our clients. Bisacodyl is used as an anti-constipation drug which produces a bowel movement in the colon of our body and helps to relief from constipation.

In our journey to be the main manufacturer in the pharmaceutical business, we look to meet and exceed expectations the highest industry norms in offering Bisacodyl. Biscodyl Manufacturers are attentive on assemble expectations towards a healthier and more satisfied world by supplying the best quality products. We offer you the most significant quality Bisacodyl with creative packaging and at least costs.

Bisacodyl Manufacturers: Product Features

  • No side effect
  • Excellent quality
  • Cost effective
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    Bisacodyl Manufacturers: Product Specifications

    Test Parameter Specification
    Description A White or almost white, crystalline powder.
    Solubility Water : Insoluble
    Acetone : Soluble
    Ethanol : Sparingly Soluble
    Dil. Mineral acids : It dissolves
    IR absorption Spectrum matches the Standard Spectrum.
    UV absorption Spectrum matches the Standard Spectrum.
    TLC matches with that of the reference standard.
    Melting Range 1310C-1350C
    Acidity or Alkalinity NMT 0.4ml of 0.01M HCl is required to change the colour of the solution.
    Loss on drying 0.5% Maximum
    Sulphated ash 0.1% Maximum
    Assay on dry basis 98.0% to 101.0%
    Related Substances By HPLC impurity A NMT 0.1%
    Impurity B NMT 0.1%
    Impurity C NMT 0.5%
    Impurity D NMT 0.2%
    Impurity E NMT 0.5%
    Impurity F NMT 0.3%
    Unspecified Impurity NMT 0.1%
    Total Impurity NMT 1.0%

    Bisacodyl Manufacturers: Company Profile

    Kreative Organics is a leading manufacturer company of APIs since 1990 in the world market. We are engaged to export our product into various regulated markets like USA and Europe and quality conscious customers markets like Russia, Singapore, Brazil etc.

    We are an R&D focused company and have developed processes for all our products in-house. We always believe in quality and thus invested in a state of the art WHO GMP certified facility. Most of our customers come from regulated and semi-regulated markets and have performed quality audits of the facility. More than 90% of our turnover is from repeat orders from satisfied customers. This stands testimony to the quality of our products and service. We work with our customers to meet regulatory requirements for their respective markets and have experience in filing DMFs.

    Business type of Bisacodyl Manufacturers: Manufacturer/ Exporter

    Areas covered by Bisacodyl Manufacturers: India/ USA/ Europe/ Russia/ Singapore/ Brazil