Glipizide EP

Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API’s) like Glipizide EP is manufactured by our chemical industry and also supplies and exporters throughout the India. Our offered range is developed accordance to international and commercial standards by following all the parameters. Our chemicals are utilized by many countries like USA, Europe, Russia and many other countries.

The Description of Glipizide EP is almost white in color with crystalline powder structure. This Glipizide EP drug is Practically insoluble in water and Ethanol, very slightly soluble in MDC and Acetone and it dissolves Dil alkali hydroxides. For Identification IR absorption Spectrum matches the standard Spectrum, UV absorption Spectrum matches the standard Spectrum and TLC matches with that of reference standard. 0.5% Maximum loss on drying, 0.2% Maximum Sulphated ash and 98% to 102% Assay on dry basis.

We are assisted by a team of professional experts in quality analysts. After getting the assurance from them we will start our manufacturing process of Etodolac EP/BP. They have a sound experience in this Industry. Our professional chemical engineers are self reliant and motivated to under take any type of challenging project for product development by ensuring the perfectness and quality with pure. These Etodolac EP/BP products are dispatched from our laboratories after ensuring flawlessness packing.

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