Glipizide USP

Kreative Organics may be a suppliers of Pharmaceuticals like Glipizide USP, IP, BP for world market. We started our whole operations in 1990 and have grown up steady since then. We presently exported to the extreme quality aware and controlled markets of USA, Europe, SIngapore and many more.

We are one of the leading Glipizide USP Manufacturers throughout Global. This Glipizide USP is white crystal powder which can practically insoluble in water and ethanol and can slightly soluble in Acetone. The Identification IR absorption Spectrum matches the standard Spectrum, UV absorption Spectrum matches the Standard Spectrum and The RT of main Peak in simple preparation matches with that of working standard. It has 1.0% Maximum Loss on drying, 0.4% Maximum of Residue on Ignition, NMT 0.1% Heavy Metals, 0.005% Maximum of Assay by HPLC (on dry basis).

We are one of the R&D focused chemical industry and we develop all our range of chemicals and products like dolac, Bisacodyl, Sodium Picosulphate, Glipizide, Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride, Choline Salicylate solution, Etodolac BP, Bisacodyl IP, Sodium Picosulphate BP, Etodolac USP, Etodolac BP, Glipizide USP/IP/EP, in house by undergoing each and every step keenly. Our range of Glipizide USP is preferred across the world.

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