Phenytoin Sodium Manufacturers In India

Established in 1990, Kreative Organics provides Phenytoin Sodium as per the requirement of clients. We are committed to Quality, Reliability and Sustainability to our numerous clients. We are the leading, diversified and fully integrated partner to generics marketers. Due to our timely delivery and high quality of the products, we have a goodwill in the market.

Company specialization

We specialize in a product called Phenytoin Sodium and well known Phenytoin Sodium manufacturers in Hyderabad.Phenytoin is used to control certain types of seizures. They are used to treat and avoid confiscations that may start during or after surgery to the brain or the nervous system. Phenytoin goes to a class of prescriptions called anticonvulsants. Phenytoin works by reducing irregular electrical activity in the brain. It is the sodium salt of phenytoin. This is a hydantoin derivative and non-sedative antiepileptic agent. It encourages sodium efflux from neurons positioned in the motor cortex. This will result in stabilizing the neuron and inhibiting synaptic transmission.Kreative organics are procured as one of the leading establishments, involved in offering Phenytoin Sodium. It is a multipart that contains an alkyl amine group attached at the 6-position of a purine.

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