Probenecid Manufacturers In India

Get assured performance, quality, and reliability with the top-rated probenecid manufacturers in India from Kreative Organics. Founded over 30 years ago in Hyderabad, we are a pioneering force in the synthesising, development, and production of high-efficacy APIs for a wide range of medical applications for medical institutions across India.

Founded by a team of highly accomplished professionals, our goal is not only to mark a space for our brand but also to contribute towards the development of safe and effective drugs for a nominal cost. With our undivided focus on quality, our effort was fuelled by our passion for excellence in API and continuous innovation.

Quality is the mainstay of all our efforts; We operate out of a cGMP facility in 2005 which was transformed into a US FDA class production facility in 2013. The WHO-GMP and US FDA have also inspected our sites in 2020 for quality regulation checks.

What sets us apart as a leading probenecid manufacturer in India is our team of engineers, technicians, researchers, and scientists who work tirelessly to ensure every API not only meets the quality regulations but is also tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

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