Salsalate USP

To preserve and restore health and to relieve our clients from suffering, Kreative Organics offers a wide range of efficacious Salsalate USP. Our Salsalate USP is very much unswerving for the persons with pain and inflammation. This Salsalate is used in the treatment of pain and inflammation caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and related rheumatic conditions. Salsalate USP is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that may work by inhibiting the production and release of prostaglandins. We can categorize them under the class of salicylates. Our quality range of Salsalate is highly appreciated in the pharmaceutical industry for their prompt response and high effectiveness. Salsalate is also recommended by physicians as an anti-inflammatory alternative to naproxen, and ibuprofen for patients that have had minor stomach bleeding or stomach upset. Salsalate has also been used as an alternative to narcotic pain medicine for people with spinal disc protrusion. Salsalate causes no greater fecal gastrointestinal blood loss than placebo.

Our Salsalate is developed after lot of research and hard work. We manufacture the Salsalate as per the standards of international quality and safety as well. Hence these Salsalate are in huge demand among all the healthcare professional and healthcare institutions. Our Salsalate are much sought after medicines in the market and we are counted among the reputed Salsalate manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our Salsalate are authentic and very much effective in the pain and inflammation and are offered at market leading prices.

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