Carbamazepine Manufacturers In India

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Founded in 1990 by a team of highly accomplished professionals, we specialise in the synthesising, development, and production of high-efficacy APIs for a wide range of medical applications for our clients across India. Despite our humble beginnings, we have evolved into a dynamic and forward-thinking company whose goal is not merely to have a strong market presence but also to contribute towards the overall health outcomes in India and across the globe.

We believe in fostering an environment that emphasises quality and consistency in all our offerings. Our production facility is a cGMP certified facility which was converted into a US FDA class production site in 2013. Additionally, the WHO-GMP and US FDA have also inspected our sites in 2020 for quality regulation adherence. Our team of engineers and technicians come with many years of experience and take it upon themselves to ensure every unit we deliver adheres to the highest levels of quality and performance.

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