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Introducing Kreative Organics, a leading manufacturer of APIs for the global market since 1990. Founded by Dr S. Krishnamohan, a scientist of international repute, aims to transform the health industry where professionalism, healthcare, and business objectives can go hand in hand. As responsible manufacturers of high-quality drugs and other medical solutions, it is imperative that we maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity of our existing systems so we can deliver drugs that are safe, potent, and bankable.

We maintain strict vigil when it comes to the quality and integrity of all our offerings without exceptions. In 2005, we invested in a cGMP facility and expanded it to a USFDA approved facility in 2013. Our facility has also been audited by the USFDA in 2020. This serves as a testament to our commitment and expertise as a leading probenecid manufacturer in India.

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